Chairman Message

Thank you for visiting us! Whether you are considering SSAV as your school of choice or have already decided to come and join, we hope this website will convey our sense of purpose, our commitment to excellence, and our dedication towards the development of each student.

Since the school’s beginning in 2011, we have been a closely monitoring our community of learners committed to academic excellence, a passion for learning, National Values and serving others.

Our Mission has been

Within a safe and secure environment we seek to inspire and empower our students for the diverse and dynamic world of today and tomorrow, to foster self-esteem and respect for others, to widen horizons and to give them the courage, confidence, creativity and compassion to reach those horizons and beyond.

At SSAV, we bring to the students the joy of learning. And enable them to learn to apply what they know to factual world problems; we will seek to equip them for understanding a vast array of problem-solving strategies and skills, and to work collaboratively, fairly, and effectively with others.

We are a school that brings out our diversity and sense of true community service as the fundamentals of our focus on each child as an individual learner, with our challenging and CBSE curriculum at all Levels, with our rich activities and athletic programs.

The SSAV faculty and staff strive to nurture our students for the many hard challenges that are our collective future.

We hope that a virtual tour of our school through this website will provide you with the information you need to see us as the school of choice not by chance in Chennai, If there is any clarification or further information that you require, please email or call us.

Our doors are open to all of you. And with all of you, we will seek to inspire, guide, and learn with your children. Please, join us.


Chairman of School

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