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Education is a social process..

Education is growth..

Education is not preparation for life..

Education is life itself..!

Schools are the training ground where children chisel their innate talents. Education is the greatest weapon that can change any nation to a greater height. The nation’s pride lies in the hands of the youth. The youth of this electronic era are already talented.

All we need to do is to nurture it, to grow it, to preserve it and to protect it. Survival for the fittest is the order of the day. To excel in every area we have to set foot, we need to work hard, consistent efforts, unity in every level, harmony in every sphere, the urge to acquire knowledge, discipline to the core , respect for all elders, the indomitable nerve to defeat defeats, the determination to fight all evils, the courage to speak the truth and love for motherland and ultimately the spirit of sacrifice.

Life never grows great until it is focused, dedicated and disciplined. SSAV is marching towards a better and bright tomorrow. A lot more will be done to fulfill the aspirations of our bubbling students. Every child is the treasure of our school. Our aim is to make every student physically fit, emotionally strong, intellectually refined, culturally rooted, actively patriotic and spiritually uplifted with the vision of universal oneness and then India will be revitalized.

All great journeys start with a single step..The journey of SSAV has begun. We are marching ahead

for a better tomorrow ..!    Jai   Ho   ..!

R.Rajammal,MA.,M.Ed, Pg Dip G&C,

Dean & Educational Consultant.

President Awardee

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