Examination System


Certain Criteria have been evolved for awarding marks to the pupils on which their promotion is considered, taking into account the work of the pupil during the whole year instead of the final exam alone.


The continuous & comprehensive Evaluation (CCE)system followed in the school as per the CBSE guidelines will be formative & summative assessment.Summative Assessment is the End term exam which willbeconducted in October & March respectively at the end of eachsemester. Syllabus, Blue print for the summative assessment will be given atleast one month in advance.

Wheareas the Formative assessment (FA) is a tool used by the teacher to continuously monitor student progress over a period of time which is diagnostic and remedial. FA makes provision for effective Feedback & hence gives opportunity for students to improve in the following assessments. Therefore, no schedule for formative assessment will be sent as it is a continuous process. The guideline for formative Assessment is given below, so that you are aware of how your ward is being assessed.

English, II Language, : Reading test during class.

III Language : Creative writing, Note book work (Legibility, Correctness).

Speaking : Role play, debate, Just a minute etc., Listening Test

Maths : Worksheet, slip tests, Activity, Lab work. Notebook work (Legibility, correctness)

Social Studies : Map work, Note book work (Legibility, correction) slip test, G.K. Test, project / Chart.

Science : Diagram, Notebook work, Acitivity, Slip test, Lab work. The above pattern will be followed for all the four Formative assessment conducted during this academic year. A class test may be given in written or oral form depending on the subject.

Overall grade will be based on FA 1 - 10%, FA 2 - 10%, FA 3 - 10% FA 4 - 10% = 40% SA1 - 30%, SA2 - 30% Total : 40 + 60 = 100

Equal Weightage (4 Formative assessment 2 summative assessment is given for promotion. It is compulsory for the student to atleast secure a minimum grade (i.e. D) in each subject for promotion.

Reports will be given after every assessment.

In Stds VI-VIII the student should secure a minimum of 'D' grade in the aggregate as well as in the FA & SA in all subjects to qualify to move into the next class. If a child is promoted with warning / severe warning in the current year,he/she may be given a Transfer Certificate at the end of the following academic year even if he/she fails in one subject.

The student must get not less than 'D' grade in each subject to be eligible for promotion. In subjects involving practical, a separate minimum in Theory and Practical is necessary. There will be no relaxation of this rule under any circumstance.

For UKG to IIStd: Cycle test of 20 marks each will be conducted Eight times in an academic year.

Criteria for All Rounder Award: Students are evaluated in the following areas for the all rounder award : Academic performance, punctuality, regularity in work, personal hygiene, participation in curricular and co curricular activities, writing reviews, conduct and behaviour inside and outside class rooms. Maintenance of Minimum Achievement Record motivates students to participate in as many activities as possible according to their interest.