SSAV Strategic Planning


The Strategic Plan is a shared vision of the future of the Sree Shanthi Anand Vidyalaya School - Chennai. It has been created by community members working together to understand and describe not only what we want for our community over the next five years, but also what is possible for us to achieve.

Several community members participated on committees which focused on separate aspects of the planning process and the plan itself. At the beginning of the process in September, 2015, the Planning Team developed the Mission, Core Values, Student Learning Objectives, and Strategies. The Implementation Team developed the plans to evaluate our progress toward our Learning Objectives. Each Action Team studied a strategy – talent, learning, resources, community – and designed plans to contribute to school improvement consistent with each strategy.

Strategic Planning Teams, aims for these results and need to be accomplished in the next five years to achieve our Students Learning Objectives. For the most part, these results were derived from extensive research about best practices in various areas and processes in schools and about the current reality at SSAV. They are written to take the school to the next level of success as an excellent National school.


In order for the Strategic Plan to be useful and successful through the next five years, it must remain flexible and adapt to changing circumstances. The specific means in each Action Plan, which describe how to achieve each result are recommendations not prescriptions. They are written to provide a sense of direction for a given result and guidance on how each result might be achieved. Current and future individuals and groups within the school should not feel bound by these steps. If they do, we can imagine the school – at best – getting bogged down in short-term goals and – at worst – losing the necessary clarity and coherence needed to improve the learning environment at the school.

While those who implement the plan should respect appropriate processes to achieve the results, ultimately getting the necessary work done to move the school toward its vision is of the utmost importance. Cost and benefit analyses were also developed for each of the action plans to provide the Planning Team and Board information about the relative value of each result. Actual costs and benefits will vary according to how each plan gets implemented.

As the school moves into the implementation phase of the Strategic Plan, it is important for the Implementation and Action Teams to use the plan to make the school a better learning environment. As educators and parents who have had a range of experiences over many years and in schools all over the India, we know that excellent schools can only be built through sustained teamwork. No doubt this will best be done by continuing to build on the best practices developed during the implementation of this Strategic Plan.